Submission Info

Due to a number of factors we are now only featuring items with a CD or vinyl release.

Please send a finished physical copy (ie not a CD-R unless that is how your product is sold) of your release to

Nathan Ford
The Active Listener
73 Mitchell St,
Wellington 6021
New Zealand

or get in touch for a physical address for a specific writer if you have a preference.

- If you have a limited budget and can only afford to send out physical promo if a feature is guaranteed, e-mail us at stating this, with a streaming link which we can quickly check out first, and we'll get back to you to let you know whether you should get something in the post to us.

The Active Listener is dedicated to helping deserving musicians find a larger audience so we would love to feature your latest album or E.P. Please be aware that we are not a commercial website. All content is written during our limited spare time for no financial compensation. We all have families and worklife or study to work around so please be aware of this and adjust your expectations accordingly - we can't cover everything, and features won't appear instantly for what we do cover.

Here are a few things to consider which will increase your chances of being featured on the Active Listener:

- Be aware of the styles of music that we cover. We operate within a very narrow niche. No matter how good your music is, if it doesn't fit within the realms of psych / folk / prog / Hauntology it won't be featured.

- What we choose to cover (or not cover) is purely a matter of our personal tastes and limited time available.

- Don't be pushy. We'll feature what you've sent in if we like it, and if time allows. Sending us multiple e-mails or follow up e-mails to check whether we've received / listened to your submission is time consuming for us to respond to. We're much less likely to cover something if we feel like we're pressured into doing so.

- Including a press-release or a one sheet with band / release info also increases your chance of being featured.

- No cassettes please - we know they're cool, but we don't have anything to play them on.

- We don't often have time to reply to e-mails. We only have a limited amount of time to work on the Active Listener between work, family and other commitments and we would rather use this time to write content for the website. If you've sent your promo to us, we've most likely got it. Sit tight.

Thanks! We look forward to hearing from you.

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