9 Nov 2011

The Green Pajamas - Beginner's Guide

The Green Pajamas are a pretty great psych pop band formed in Seattle in 1983 and still going strong today. Incredibly prolific and very consistent, it's criminal that they're known by as few people as they are.
Initially lumped in with the paisley underground scene their early recordings were some of the most psychedelic sounds to emerge from the mid eighties, influenced mainly by mid period Beatles.
They've evolved over the years to encompass dark folk and even country on their latest release, Green Pajama country.
Fans of Tom Petty, R.E.M and the Beatles looking for something new should definitely check them out.

Their back catalogue is pretty huge, and a daunting task to break into - for beginner's I would recommend:

Indian Winter - a collection of 15 tracks recorded 1985-1996. You’ll find songs from rare, out of print, singles as well as material that has never been released, until now. Interesting melodies, fantastic band interplay and delicate arrangements with just a tinge of psychedelia all blend into a sound that is uniquely their own. A pop-music fan’s dream! includes important early works : Kim the Waitress and Peppermint Stick.

The Complete Book of Hours - Original 1987 psych-pop masterpiece release, out of print for twenty years, on CD for the first time, with all the tracks from the original American album as well as tracks released on the Australian, German and Greek LPs. The Green Pajamas are consistently referred to as Seattle's most underrated and under-heard musical combo.  Book of Hours takes us back to their psychedelic pop beginning. It was their first proper album; following the home-recorded Summer of Lust cassette and the transcendent Kim the Waitress single. Remastered by original producer Tom Dyer, Book of Hours stands the test of time. It shows Kelly and the Pajamas at one of their creative peaks, with inspired performances, unforgettable songs and great sounds.

Northern Gothic 2 : Box of Secrets - a more recent album with a dark brooding folk influence in places.

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