15 Feb 2013

Lisa Germano "No Elephants" Review

Reviewed By Joseph Kyle

Lisa Germano's solo work has always been dark in nature, yet possessing an innocent charm and a curiosity about the way the world works. "No Elephants" is no exception; if anything, it's her darkest, starkest record to date, with Germano often accompanied only by a piano, drum machine, or guitar, as well as field recordings of birds and outdoor life. Stripped down in such a bare-bones arrangement gives the songs an atmosphere that can be disturbing--especially for those who may not be familiar with her work. For those who know her, there's plenty to love here. Highlights include "Up In The Air," "Diamonds," and "Ruminants" - three songs cut from the same cloth, her breathy singing over a simple piano line. It's minimalism that is both haunting and beautiful, a musical listening experience both inviting and off-putting. "No Elephants" isn't for everyone, and at this point in her career, Germano is simply making the music she wants to make, and for those who know her work, the result is a beautiful, sublime masterpiece.

Available on CD here and digitally here.

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