19 May 2013

The PeΔrls "The PeΔrls" Review

Reviewed by Renato Miccio

Congratulations to our prizewinner and guest reviewer Renato Miccio, whose short but sweet review of The PeΔrls E.P pretty much summed up what we think about it too! Your copy of the vinyl is on it's way to you now.
Here's Renato's review:

Milan's latest super duo The PeΔrls have created a quality debut with their self titled E.P which mixes the sweet hipster pop of popular new U.S bands like Best Coast with a dirty, lo-fi garage production that works perfectly.
Short pearls of euphoric pop joy delivered with muscle and authority, that bring to mind bands as different as the Vaselines and the B-52s.
I first heard "Be In One" on the Active Listener Sampler (here) and have been a big fan since - the other seven tracks here have no problem matching that quality - the hooky "Walking" and heavily flanged "Elephant" standing out.
There's plenty of reverb and flanging among the garagey production to keep the sound diverse, and along with the upbeat nature of The PeΔrls E.P leaves me no doubt that I'll be listening to this for a longtime.

Listen / download / buy here :

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  1. Once upon a time, Nathan, Best Coast DID have "lo-fi garage production". :( Ah, those were the days...sigh