8 Nov 2015

Daniel Wylie’s Cosmic Rough Riders - Chrome Cassettes

Reviewed by Elizabeth Klisiewicz

Many people (although not me, sadly) are familiar with Daniel Wylie’s early foray with the Cosmic Rough Riders, the celebrated album "Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine". That vaunted album was released on Alan McGee’s short lived Poptones label, and was followed by two top 40 UK singles, an appearance on Top of the Pops, and sold out tours of the UK, Europe, Japan, and the US. Daniel Wylie has reactivated his original band name for this fabulous new release, "Chrome Cassettes". Not only that, but "Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine" has been reissued digitally on November 6th with 25 extra tracks which include the "Deliverance", "Panorama" and "Pure Escapism" albums plus B sides. But let’s focus on this brand new release, which was co-produced by Johnny Smillie and recorded on a shoestring budget.

The album is chock full of power pop, psych, and folk goodness, replete with chiming guitars, stunning harmonies, and all the best elements of these genres that a fan would expect. The opening salvo, “Yesterday’s a Waste of Time” is six and a half minutes of blistering power pop and a searing guitar solo from Johnny Smillie. The beautiful “A Beautiful Sunrise” starts out like a long lost Love song, before meandering into Jose Gonzalez territory, with gorgeously plucked guitar and a sterling vocal. “I’m Out of My Mind” is upbeat, sunshine pop (can anyone say hit?), while “Misty Dreamer” is more downtempo and contemplative. “Dark Forest” slides into your senses, entrancing you with its inviting main melody in waltz tempo. Fuzzed out guitar joins the acoustic guitar and leads you out on a high note. “You’re Predictable” has an in your face melodic punch with a psych backdrop, leading into the Byrdsian pleasure of “Another Wasted Day”. If this is your cup of tea, then you’ll be delighted not only with this song but the entire record. There are hints of many 60s and 70s artists, but Wylie puts an original spin on what could be a tired genre with extremely well-written and played songs, coupled with a really great voice. “Some Great Messages” slips into autumnal folk territory, a realm which Wylie should visit more often as he does this so well. “I Follow You Home” sews together exquisitely crafted melodies with great harmony vocals. “I Should Disappear” closes the album and marries psych folk elements seamlessly together.

All in all, this is a great release that should not be missed by fans of 60s psychedelic and folk music.

Available directly from Daniel via the Cosmic Rough Riders Facebook page, or digitally here.

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