1 Sept 2012

Active Listener Radio

I've passed the buck too often lately, so here's the first episode of Active Listener Radio for quite some time to feature songs selected by yours truly. Hope you enjoy it!

1. Celestial Ghost By Nicklas Barker from the album "El Ultimo Fin De Semana"
2. From The Morning By Beautify Junkyards from the "From the Morning / Fuga No. 2" 7" 
3. A Garland of Song ( Garland Sessions Version ) By The Owl Service from the album "The Garland Sessions"
4. Learning Owl Reappears By The Advisory Circle from the album "As The Crow Flies"
5. Wind in the Wires By Peter Howell & The BBC Radiophonic Workshop from the album  "Through a Glass Darkly"
6. Lord By Dog Age from the album "On The Garish Isles"
7. Exploding in Your Mind By Sun Dial from the album "Other Way Out"
8. In Another Land By The Smoking Trees from the E.P "Changes in Perception"
9. Where Will You Go By Jacco Gardner from the "Where Will You Go" 7"
10. Easy Ride By Relatively Clean Rivers from the album "Relatively Clean Rivers"
11. Blood On Your Hands By Buffalo Killers from the album "Dig. Sow. Love. Grow."
12. I Lived Tomorrow Yesterday By Faine Jade from the album "Introspection: a Faine Jade Recital"
13. Lady Blood By Apache Dropout from the album "Bubblegum Graveyard"
14. Operation Interstellar by WJLP from the album "Petomaniac" 

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