6 Sept 2012

The Active Listener's First Birthday Digital Version Available Now.

Updated :

Folks, it seems that a number of you non-tape friendly people are also keen on a copy of the Active Listener's First Birthday compilation in a more flexible format, so with you all in mind I've made it available as a download version.

The digital version costs $2 (U.S) which can be bought or streamed via this bandcamp link : http://theactivelistener.bandcamp.com/.

The tracklisting is

Side One - The Psychedelic Side
The Magnetic Mind - Laser Fingers
Sir Psych - Fly Without Wings
Zane Armstrong - Julia
Sky Picnic - Farther In This Fairytale
Les Annees - Catherine Fields
The Solar System - Dreamer's Distance
Mordecai Smyth - I've Been So Tired
The No-Men - Let's Escape Reality

Side Two - The Acid Folk Side
Darius Greene - Leaves Around Their Eyes
Tony Wakeford - Victor Sleeps
Chuck Owston with Sara Masters - Amethyst
Emily Jones - Bed of Mud
The Rowan Amber Mill - Mandrake, Hemlock & Rye ( Ergotism Version )
The Hare & The Moon - The Rolling of the Stones
Sproatly Smith - Willow's Song

Plus two download only bonus tracks.

If you'd rather buy the cassette, it's still currently available for $6 paid to the same e-mail address via Paypal, and includes a digital download.

Thanks friends.


  1. I'd like to buy the cassette, but there isn't a PayPal link. It says available via PayPal payable to the same address, but doesn't say what the address is. Is this still available?

  2. Hi there - sorry the tape for this is long gone, but the download is now free....