11 Sept 2012

Mechaddoar - Oans / Zwoa / Dreist Review

Christian Zinke is a chap I met through Facebook a wee while back who has pretty great taste in music ( he always seems to hit like on the same video posts as me) , so naturally when it came to my attention that he'd recorded these three albums in a flurry of activity back around 1996, my curiosity was piqued.
If nicely recorded, experimental  psychedelic rock floats your boat then read on.
I hesitate to call this Krautrock, but it certainly shares a lot of the adventurous spirit and experimental nature of the more successful late sixties / early seventies ventures of bands like Guru Guru, Agitation Free and Can.
Tracks like "Disturb" lock into an effortlessly hypnotic groove, with layers of treated vocals and guitars floating in and out of the mix. Elsewhere more percussion heavy numbers like "Hausstaub" offer a more abstract approach.
While certainly acknowledging the music of the seventies, it's also very much a product of it's time with plenty of electronic treatments, and layers of effects on the guitars which sound totally contemporary still now, and must have been startling when these were first recorded.
Each album has considerable merits ,but I'd probably start with "Dreist", perhaps the heaviest of the three albums, although wherever you dive in is going to offer rewards for the committed listener.

You can stream and buy them here.

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