16 Jun 2013

Download The Active Listener Sampler # 9 Now!

I've  got a busy month lined up, so this month's sampler is ready to go early - lots of artists covered recently on the Active Listener, and a few new names too.

Thanks to Bob Tibbitts for supplying the sleeve art - enquiries and commissions to isetcdart@tiscali.co.uk

But what's on this month's sampler you may ask? Well, salivate over these goodies here :

1. Wheat Fields - Saturnalia
From the E.P "Saturnalia" available here.
2. The Greek Theatre - Frozen Highway
From the forthcoming album "Lost Out At Sea".
3. Juke - White Elephant
From the E.P "Atom Experiment" available here.
4. Seas, Starry - Cody
From the forthcoming album "Tyto Alba".
5. Michael Warren - Jungle Time
From the album "Brume & Nelipot" available here.
6. Jackie Paper - All is All
Hear more from Jackie Paper here.
7. Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel - Dreamer
From the 7" "Are You Hypnotized?" available here.
8. Heaven's Gateway Drugs - Radio
From the album "You Are Heaven's Gateway Drugs" available here.
9. The Vickers - She's Lost
From the 7" "She's Lost" available here.
10. Kikagaku Moyo - Dawn  
From the E.P "Kikagaku Moyo" available here.
11. Sproatly Smith - Blackthorn Winter (Sedayne Remix)
From the album "Remixed" available here.
12. Cliff Dweller (with Andrea Adolph) -  John Thomas Dye
From the album "Emerald City" available here.
13. His Name is Codeine - I'm Not In Love (With The Way Things Are)
From the album "The Only Truth is Music" available here.
14. Invisible Ships - Lucy Dream
From the E.P "Lucy Dream" available here.
15. Lamposts - Melodramatics
From the album "Adolt Cartoon" available here.
16. The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies - 40 Million Miles to Earth
From the E.P "40 Million Miles to Earth" available here.
17. Clockwork Orchestra - Paper Purse 
From the album "Friends Without Names" available here.

Download here :

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