25 Jan 2012

Poor Moon ( Fleet Foxes ) - Free Download of People in her Mind

New Sub Pop signing Poor Moon ( named after a Canned Heat song ) have their first e.p due out in March. Why should you care? Well, the band includes two members of the Fleet Foxes. Interested yet?

The Sub Pop Bio Reads :
Poor Moon is Christian Wargo (Fleet Foxes, Crystal Skulls) Casey Wescott (Fleet Foxes, Cystal Skulls) and brothers Ian and Peter Murray (The Christmas Cards). The band, named for frontman and primary songwriter Christian Wargo’s favorite Canned Heat song, began four years ago as a long-distance project with demos being created and sent back and forth while Wargo and Wescott were touring in support of the Fleet Foxes 2008 self-titled debut and Ian and Peter living in the Bay area. Their first shows were at intimate Seattle house parties where they used playful throwaway monikers like Rabbit Kingdom and Cookie Mask. It wasn’t until the band opened up for Deakin at Seattle’s Neumos (under the name Peppermint Majesty) that things began to really take form. Recording began and the four longtime friends became a band and Sub Pop didn’t hesitate to pursue them with unabashed enthusiasm. And it worked.

Listen to the first single People in her Mind below or you can download it by supplying them with an e-mail address, where they'll send a download link. Courtesy of the fine folk at Sub Pop.

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