29 Mar 2012

Download The Active Listener's Journey Into The Unknown Mix

It's time for another ( hopefully ) thrilling mix put together for your listening pleasure by the Active Listener.
This mix is a neo-psychedelia primer which makes no claims to being definitive but will hopefully be entertaining or educational to someone out there.
Copyright holders : this was put together to convince prospective fans to listen to and buy more of your artist's work. However, feel free to get in touch if you wish to have anything removed.

1. Epic - Car Sick (Available here on the Sails album Headful of Stars)
2. The High Dials - The Dead Hand (From The Album A New Devotion, Available Here)
3. Clinic - Memories ( From The Album Do It, Available Here)
4. Broadcast - Where Youth & Laughter Go (From The Album Future Crayon, Available Here)
5. The Gurus - Kamala Part 1 (From The Album The Gurus, Available Here)
6. Wolf People - Cotton Strands (From The Album Tidings, Available Here)
7. The Soundcarriers - Caught By The Sun From The Album Harmonium, Available Here)
8. The Green Pajamas - A Murder of Crows (From The Album The Complete Book Of Hours, Available Here)
9. The Pillbugs - Friend For a Day (Currently Unavailable)
10. Buffalo Killers - SS Nowhere  From The Album Buffalo Killers, Available Here)
11. Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound - The Slumbering Ones (From The Album When Sweet Sleep Returned, Available Here)
12. Dog Age - I Love You (Currently Unavailable)
13. Caribou - Melody Day (From The Album Andorra, Available Here)
14. Dungen -Panda (From The Album Ta Det Lugnt, Available Here)
15. Espers - Meridian (From The Album Espers III, Available Here)
16. Tame Impala - Bold Arrow Of Time (From The Album Innerspeaker, Available Here)
17. Citay - Nice Cuffs (From The Album Citay, Available Here)
18. Mini Mansions - Crime of the Season (From The Album Mini Mansions, Available Here)
19. The Olivia Tremor Control - Jumping Fences (From The Album Dusk at Cubist Castle, Available Here)
20. Malachai - Snowflake (From The Album Ugly Side Of Love, Available Here)
21. Pram - The Owl Service (From The Album The Museum of Imaginary Animals, Available Here)

Download Here : http://www.mediafire.com/?20h02fr4qvdtmc4

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