29 May 2013

New Sampler Available Now!

You know what another piece of brilliant sleeve art from Martin Butler means right? That's right the next sampler is here, resplendent in it's refinery and ready for download.

This month's sampler features:

Morgan Delt - Barbarian Kings
Brujas del Sol - Castles Upon Golden Gate
Quimper - Soft Bodies
The Blank Tapes - Double Rainbow
The Prisoner of Mars - Medium on a Train
robotmonkeyarm - Il Brutto
Dennis Olsen - Strange Gardens
Zenith : Unto The Stars - Gemini
Cloud War - Whence & Whither
Felipe Arcazas - Peyotl
Schnauser - Waterloo Teeth
Me & My Kites - My Dream, My Adventure
Worthless - We've Always Been Here
The Magnetic Mind -  Stay Away From the Door
Beau - Rainbow Jam Theme
The Green Tambourine Band - From the Seed Into The Flower
Bad Valley - Sunrise
JJUUJJUU - A Forming

Thanks to Martin, and all the featured artists. Please visit the links on the bandcamp page to hear more from these guys.

Download or stream it here:


  1. Really enjoying the comp Nathan! :D

  2. I love what you guys cover, and the samplers! Would you have any objection to me doing a mixtape(s) of some of the sampler tracks for my blog?


    1. Hi Fathermosh - no problem, and thanks for checking - the artists involved will be very happy for the exposure. If you could just mention and link to active-listener.blogspot.com and theactivelistener.bandcamp.com on your mix that'd be great!

  3. Hey Nathan, you might be interested in Chicago's Secret Colours. Here's their new full-length: http://secretcolours.bandcamp.com/album/peach They recently released an excellent video: http://whenthesunhitsblog.blogspot.com/2013/05/new-single-freak-video-blackhole-from.html

  4. Hi Nathan - any leads on where to find a digital download of thelightshines?

    1. No idea sorry - haven't come across them so far in my travels.