14 Jul 2013

Deep Space "Evil Dreams" Review

Reviewed by Nathan Ford

The only thing more surprising than the sheer number of psychedelic wonders emanating from Austin, TX is the consistent excellence that they manage to unleash.
The latest to find their way onto my various listening apparatus' are Deep Space, and although the name may conjure images of druidic space jams, this only tells part of the story of this five piece.
Deep Space evoke the exploratory nature of the heavier end of the space rock spectrum (think Spacemen 3 rather than Hawkwind) with a dense, heavy production style that ensures that the menacing garage specter of fellow Austin exports the Black Angels is never too far away.
In their words:
"Deep Space continues to search and explore the outer frontier of the universe with songs like "Lady Heroin" & "Motorcycle". The songs on "Evil Dreams" detail the conflict that transpires within the trip into a darkened mind." 
It starts with a bang, in a singularly terrifying fashion with the menacing, screeching guitars of "Evil Dreams", before the guitars take a backseat to the ominous bassline and distinctly Manzarekian keyboards of "Motorcycle". A fifteen minute epic of almost unbearably mounting tension, with frontman Robbie D Love channeling Jim Morrison's shamanistic, apocalyptic poet - it's pretty exhausting stuff, so it comes as a bit of a relief when side two (cassettes are where it's at now people, keep up!) lightens the load somewhat with "Inner Light" toning the guitars back to a ragged garage jangle, before closer "Lady Heroin" goes all Velvet Underground on us.
Lots to enjoy here for lovers of that distinctive Austin sound.

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