14 Jul 2014

7" Singles Roundup - The Magnetic Mind / House of Fire / Dig Deeper

The Magnetic Mind "When The Morning Comes" b/w "The Mumbai Firefly"
Active Listener favorites The Magnetic Mind return with their second 7" for the Heavy Soul label, which easily matches the stellar quality of their debut. The a-side showcases a dramatic proto-prog sound with buzzsaw fuzz guitars, mad scientist classical organ runs and choral vocal breakdowns, all of which scream 1969 in the best possible way. B-side "The Mumbai Firefly" is potentially even better, employing wordless choral vocals with a bewitching eastern melody, and more of that mad cool organ work. This sucker will sell out quick so get in here:

House of Fire "The Keeper of The Doors" b/w "Drifting Sunward"
These guys are new to me, but if these two sides are anything to go by we'll be hearing a whole lot more from them soon. "The Keeper of the Doors" marries a chiming pentatonic guitar riff with a slight spy guitar twang to a relentless beat, peppered with cymbal splashes and a great, spine-tingling descending bassline chorus. This is really good stuff, and the b-side is pretty flash too, another moody opus with great tribal percussion and a general sense of looming ominousness.
Highly recommended.
7" and download available here:

Dig Deeper "May 3rd" b/w "Let Me Ride" 
Norwegian "mountain-rockers" Dig Deeper make appeallingly beardy sounds on this double a-sided release which nestles snuggly among the sounds of American bands like Band of Horses and particularly My Morning Jacket with whom they share a fondness for large, glacial guitars and wistful vocal melodies. "May 3rd" is a moody slow burner which works up a really nice head of steam and builds to a huge, dramatic crescendo. On the flip "Let Me Ride" is a more metronomic, propulsive rocker with nice swells of steel guitar and plenty of wide open spaces for some "Echoes" style sonar guitar blips.

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