12 Nov 2013

Crocodiles "Crimes of Passion" Review

Reviewed by Elizabeth Klisiewicz

San Diego’s Crocodiles consists of only two gentlemen: Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell. They have worked together for a long time, and it shows. Produced by Sune Rose Wagner (Raveonettes), this latest effort is filled with sunshine, chiming guitars, happy harmonies, and let the good times roll. Some silly, reverbed spoken words occur at the end of “I Like It In The Dark”, but this misstep aside, this is a solid effort.
Let’s acknowledge the huge debt these guys owe to JAMC and move on, shall we? They know their craft, and know how to throw huge hooks around like penny candy. They also know how to sprinkle interesting bits into their songs, like the back-up gospel singer on the aforementioned track, or the nicely placed sax on “Marquis de Sade”.
The lyrics are slippery and suggestive, but who cares? Nobody will ever mistake these guys for serious lyricists, but they should laud them for their ability to knit catchy riffs together. Wagner’s influence is evident on the cool “Cockroach”, as may be the insect luminary himself, Robyn Hitchcock.
My favorite track is the atypical closing track, “Un Chant D’Amour” (Love Song), a lush tune pillowed with dreamy vocals and an equally dreamy melody.
Enjoy this for what it is, a summery, feel good album instead of a serious commentary on the sad state of affairs in the world. We have enough of those already, but there is always room for positive vibrations (Soft Boys reference fully intended).

Available here on CD, and here on vinyl.

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