22 Nov 2014

Album Review: The Carousels "Love Changes Like The Seasons"

Reviewed by Nathan Ford

Markus from Sugarbush Records has been busily at it again, sorting the wheat from the chaff so that we don't have to, to find us another jangly treasure.

The Carousels are a Scottish troupe, but don't let that fool you into thinking that "Love Changes Like The Seasons" isn't the most gorgeous example of sunshiny Californian jangle this side of The Junipers. Noticing a theme here? Yep, Markus sure can pick them, and for anyone who has enjoyed previous Sugarbush releases, "Love Changes Like The Seasons" will be an extremely welcome addition to your household.

There seem to be a growing number of U.K based bands who are excelling at channeling the vibrant Cosmic American music of the Byrds and Gene Clark through a prism of U.K jangle ala The La's recently, and the Carousels roughly elbow their way to near the front of the queue with their first vinyl release. Made up of seven new tracks, and a selection of the best cuts from their earlier self released back catalogue, "Love Changes Like The Seasons" fits together in a remarkably snug fashion considering its 'bitsy' genesis.

Bypassing the purposefully retro approach of many of their peers, in favour of the knowingly informed approach of the likes of the See See, the material here is refreshingly timeless, with a sound that would be welcomed arms open in 1968, 1990 or right now without sounding incongruous.

It's at its best when its infused with melancholia; "My Beating Heart", and "Sound of My Own" being particularly fine examples, but works equally as well with a more muscular (albeit still jangly) approach as on "Marianne".

One for Santa's list, although I'd order before then as Sugarbush's limited press LPs have a habit of selling out at an alarming rate.

"Love Changes Like The Seasons" is available directly from the label here.

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