22 Mar 2015

Monochromie - Brussel-Zuid EP

Reviewed by Elizabeth Klisiewicz

Monochromie is French composer and pianist, Wilson Trouvé, This EP is only three tracks, but a new album called "Behind Black Clouds" is coming in April on Fluttery Records. In the meantime, listeners have these three lovely compositions to savor. Trouvé marries his songs with chiming bells and layers of gorgeous sound, floating down around your ears like gauze. Song #3, entitled "Brussel-Zuid Part 3", is my favorite of the three tracks. It enchants and entwines your senses, and makes you want to hear more. Track #2, "Brussel-Zuid Part 2", throws you slightly off kilter with hazy, almost discordant piano, and the opening track, "Brussel-Zuid Part 1" is widescreen ambience at its finest, evoking meadows with deep, dark forest hovering at the periphery.

Trouvé surrounds the listener with these engaging pieces, and his obvious talent shines through every nook and cranny of this criminally short release.

"Brussel Zuid" is available as a free download here:

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