5 Sept 2011


There are currently three advertising spaces available on the Active Listener.
To view the available spaces look for the advertising spaces in the right hand column of any and every page on The Active Listener.

The Active Listener currently receives 1000-2000 visitors per day, and your advert will be visible in the same place on every page of content generated on the Active Listener. These ads are NOT visible on the mobile phone version of the website but show on all other browsers.

Advertising rates are:

$99.00 U.S for two months near the top of the column (just below the "Like us on Facebook" icon).
$75.00 U.S for two months slightly further down (just above the "Forty Obscure Psychedelic Rock & Pop Albums You Must Hear" ad). This space has been booked and will be available again from November 9th.
$49.00 U.S for two months below this (below the "previous posts section").

Please supply an advertisement with the dimensions 400 pixels (width) by 436 pixels (height), and a url that you would like the advertisement clicks to lead to. Please send to theactivelistener at hotmail.com

Payment to be made to nford150@gmail.com via Paypal.

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