2 Oct 2012

The Best Psychedelic Albums of All Time As Selected By Active Listener Readers

At the start of the year I painstakingly chose my favorite forty psychedelic albums (at the time) and published the list here (click to view).

As is the case with these sorts of lists, it caused a great deal of discussion.
Several weeks back I asked for your top ten lists, and the results were both varied and often surprising.
Check out the top thirty psychedelic albums of all time as selected by Active Listener readers below.
Titles are ranked in order of how many votes they received.
Click on album titles for more information.

Lots of sixties albums here ( and quite rightly so ). Next up I'll be putting together a list of the Best Psychedelic Albums of the 21st Century, so please message me on the Active Listener facebook page (here) with your votes for the best psychedelic albums recorded between 2000 and now. Thanks! 

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