13 Jan 2015

Sounds of Sovereign - Junkboy Guest Mix

Several months ago, pastoral folkadelic duo Junkboy graced us with one of 2014's most lovely albums, "Sovereign Sky". The Hanscomb Brothers have now very kindly put together this exclusive guest mix for us, of music that inspired "Sovereign Sky". We're in the middle of a warm, balmy Summer over here in New Zealand, and this is the perfect accompaniment, but such are the quality of the selections contained within, that those of you beset on all sides by chilliness will find this to be the perfect escape.

"Here is a smattering of the aural confection that inspired – to some extent – our album, Sovereign Sky." says Rich Hanscomb.

"We’re proud of our album. Heck, we think it’s amazing but we’re almost jealous of each and every one of these Nuggets. Wished we wrote that! That’s the point of art surely - to always strive.

These are our melodic and recording touchstones. They also epitomise the kind of mood we wanted evoke as well as representing something inherent and inescapable to what we do as Junkboy. As such, we have lo-fi West Coast sunshine pop created by people perpetually in the shadow of one B. Wilson and skewered, hushed, autumn hymnals. Pulling the curtains shut at 4.30pm. There’s joy, soul and experimentation. Two brothers locked in a home studio come rain or shine in love with the possibilities of music.

We’re lucky to have friends who’ve hipped us to some great music not all of which could be included here. Two summers ago a friend of us played I Lied To Aunty May, a wonderful, baroque slice of whimsy, all string flourishes and wonky vocals. It sounded like utter perfection and was the strange fruit of Pete Frampton and some skinheads called The Neat Change. Thanks also to The Active Listener, Shindig!, Borderline Records, Brighton (RIP) and Flashback magazine for consolidating and developing what we know. Thanks to Simon for ‘converting’ a lot of our vinyl for the purposes of this.

Here’s to the future. Enjoy the Sounds of Sovereign and you will probably enjoy Sovereign Sky too."

Stream the mix here, and follow the link for a full track listing.

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