8 Dec 2015

The Most - Invasion Completed

Reviewed by Nathan Ford

Swedish beat combo The Most have captured a thrillingly authentic British Invasion vibe on their latest "Invasion Completed". A quick glance at the sleeve suggests a group born out of time, a suggestion that the authentic 66/67 production values do nothing to expel.

The success of these sorts of records relies on more than a carefully observed and cultivated production aesthetic alone however, and second-tier songs often let the side down on these projects (as they often did on records from the original era I might add). No such problem here however. Aside from two well selected and fabulously executed covers ("Louie, Louie" and the Tages' marvelous "Fuzzy Patterns"), these are all originals, and while they carefully follow templates laid down by their forefathers, they're hooky, spirited and concise, and can survive comparison with early albums by the likes of the Kinks and the Animals without feeling second rate; indeed the two strongest songs here (hard to pick these - there aren't any weak ones), "I Don't Care" and "Go Steady", would have been stand out singles and classic rock radio staples by now if they'd been released by either of these bands.

There's evidence of influence outside of these realms creeping in too, with their cover of "Louie, Louie" ending in a lovely flurry of Byrdsian twelve string, while "Move On" has the same sort of distinctive organ hooks that the B-52s were so good at appropriating.

Heaps of care has gone into the packaging too, from the flawless vintage fonts and photo set up on the front, to the black and white layout and flipbacks on the back of the sleeve, this looks and sounds like a really great lost album from 1966/1967.

Vinyl with CD package available directly from the label or the band. Digital available here.

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