31 Jan 2016

New Cardinals - New Cardinals EP

Reviewed by Elizabeth Klisiewicz

Seattle has many fine bands, and The New Cardinals are a welcome addition not only to the Northwest music scene but to the psychedelic spectrum as well. The band is the duo of Sam Rice (bass, keyboards, vocals, percussion, effects) and Peter Tilton (guitar/vocals). This is chiming jangle pop with a slight melancholy edge.

Witness it for yourself on the fabulous “Window Days”, which seems to channel Brian Wilson as well as modern artists such as Tame Impala. “Let’s Talk” surfs a prog vibe with its cool organ, perky synths, and great harmonies, all washed with a hazy psych sheen. “Hidden In the Light” revels in late 60s/early 70s pop, while the album’s closing track, the lush “Tomorrow Waiting” takes its time sucking you into its widescreen marrow, and after seven meandering minutes, leaves you completely blissed out and wanting more.

This is a treat for all fans of delicately crafted psychedelia with a late 60s sensibility.

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  1. I loved this....bought it off iTunes after hearing it here first :)