9 Nov 2011

Mix Tape #3 Best of 2011 - Download

Here's a mix of my favourite songs from 2011.  As always, if you find anything you like please support the artists by buying their albums.

1. Malachai - How You Write from the album Return To The Ugly Side. Discovered by Portishead's Geoff Barrow, this is a great piece of John Barry sampling Trip Hop.

2. Feist - Graveyard from the album Metals.

3. Tame Impala - Bold Arrow of Time from the album Innerspeaker. Excellent psychedelic stoner rock from this Australian band, championed by Paul Weller.

4. Wolf People - Time. A Pink Floyd cover from the Return to the Dark Side of the Moon CD given away free with Mojo magazine.

5. Mini Mansions - Crime of the Season from the album Mini Mansions. Very Beatlesque Queens of the Stone Age side project.

6. The Soundtrack of our Lives - Broken Imaginary Time from the compilation Golden Greats No. 1. Sweden's best retro rock outfit.

7. Brett Anderson - Thin Men Dancing from the album Black Rainbows. Excellent return to full band rock from Suede frontman.

8. Paul Weller No Tears To Cry from the album Wake Up The Nation. A timeless northern soul ballad from the modfather.

9.  Jonathan Wilson - Desert Raven from the album gentle Spirit. The ghost of Jerry Garcia haunts this great Canyon rock track.

10. Maggie Bjorklund - Finale from the album Coming Home. Beautiful windswept Americana assisted by Calexico.

11. The Fleet Foxes - Blue Spotted Tail from the album Helplessness Blues. Robyn Pecknold at his most Paul Simonish on this intimate classic.

12. Blitzen Trapper - Might Find It Cheap from the album American Goldwing. Blitzen Trapper embrace their inner southern rocker.

13. The Jayhawks - Black Eyed Susan from the album Mockingbird Time Hearing Marc Olson and Gary Louris harmonize together is one of the most unique sounds in music today.

14. Bon Iver - Holocene from the album Bon Iver.

15. Bachelorette - Blanket from the album Bachelorette. Classic indie electro pop.

16. Wilco - Art of Almost from the album The Whole Love. The experimental Wilco is back in action with this unexpected Krautrock influenced opener from their new album.

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