4 Nov 2011

Mix Tape #2 Dark Psychedelia - Download

A more esoteric mix tape for you - some of my favourite dark psychedelic tunes.

If you find anything you like please support the artists by buying their albums.

1. The Byrds - I See You from the album Fifth Dimension. Newly introduced to John Coltrane, things got pretty weird for the Byrds circa Fifth Dimension.

2. My Solid Ground - Dirty Yellow Mist from the album My Solid Ground. A sprawling, creepy Careful with that Axe Eugene soundalike.

3. H.P Lovecraft - The White Ship from H.P Lovecraft 1. Like the Doors with Marty Balin on vocals.

4. Les Baxter - Necronomicon from the Dunwich Horror Soundtrack. An unlikely, creepy rendition from a man better known as a purveyor of classy lounge and exotica.

5. John Wonderling - Man of Straw available on the Compilation My Mind Goes High. Lone single release from Wonderling is a great lost psychedelic classic.

6. Love - A House is not a Motel from the album Forever Changes. A classic from the best psychedelic album of all time.

7. Black Mountain - Wucan from the album In The Future. Hawkwind meets Pink Floyd on this groover from modern retro rock giants Black Mountain.

8. The Pretty Things - I See You from the album S.F Sorrow. A claustrophobic gem.

9. Dark - Maypole from the album Around the Edges. Great wah break from this private press psych rock album.

10. Espers - Children of Stone from the album Espers II. Espers are the new Pentangle, and this is their masterpiece.

11. Wooden Shjips - We Ask You To Ride from the album Wooden Shjips. The spirit of San Francisco is still alive and well.

12. Lazy Smoke - How Did You Die from the album Corridors of Faces. Great Beatles soundalike which would fit in nicely on Sgt. Peppers.

13. David Axelrod - The Smile from the David Axelrod compilation The Edge. Axelrod's orchestral psych wasn't well regarded at the time but has been highly influential on the likes of DJ Shadow.

14. Magic - I'll Just Play from the album Enclosed. Excellent jam to end things here - a long lost cousin to Down By The River & Cowgirl In The Sand


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