29 Apr 2013

The Active Listener Sampler 7 - Get It Here!

I hope Martin Butler's (http://www.elixirsue.co.uk/) beautiful sleeve art has you in the mood for some quality new (mostly psychedelic) music, because it's sampler time again!

I'm particularly pleased with this one and can guarantee that you'll find some amazing new stuff to obsess over.

This month's sampler features the following tracks:

Soft Hearted Scientists - Halloween People
Dolly Rocker Movement - Your Side of  Town
The PeΔrls - Be In One
Dead Pylons - Dream Cargoes
SLIGHT - Edison
Brother Rutherford - Surround The Forest
Buried Feather - Sink To The Bottom
Vince & His Lost Delegation - I Hate You
Arrowwood - Under Root a Winding Stair
Jon Brooks - Neap Tide
Beaulieu Porch - Golda 03
The Solar System - The Void (Full band version)
My Drunken Haze - Gambling Woman
Earthling Society - Theme From a Vampire's Kiss
Greanvine - Season of the Witch
Permanent Clear Light - Constant Gardener

As always, the bandcamp page has links to more information on each artist - please follow these links if you hear something that you like.

Stream or download it here :  http://theactivelistener.bandcamp.com/album/the-active-listener-sampler-7                                                  
Feel free to download it for free or make a donation to the running costs of the Active Listener. These costs are mounting, so any donations are very gratefully accepted.

Thanks, and enjoy.

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