3 Jan 2016

Rare Tintern Abbey Acetates Turn Up On YouTube

Here's a fascinating YouTube discovery.

Tintern Abbey's "Vacuum Cleaner / Beeside" single on Deram has long been regarded as one of the UK's finest psychedelic singles. Nothing else was released by the band during their short lifespan, but rumours persisted of further acetate recordings made by the band. Thanks to YouTube user Mick Rathe, these acetates are now available to be enjoyed by all. No idea how Mick came by these recordings, but it'd be great to know!

It'd be great to see an official vinyl / CD / digital release of these, but in the absence of such a release, it's a real pleasure to be able to hear these at all - thanks Mick!

These are all of the know recordings by Tintern Abbey, recorded in 1967 and 1968 - eleven tracks in total, and something of a treasure trove.

1. Beeside
2. Vacuum Cleaner
3. How Do I Feel Today
4. Do What You Must
5. It's Just That The People Can't See
6. Naked Song
7. Black Jack
8. Snowman
9. Tanya
10. Snowman (Alternate Take)
11. Busy Bee (Demo Version Of Beeside)

Stream here: (some users have encountered problems on mobile devices, but no such problems seem to exist on desktop computers).


  1. Tintern Abbey and Tales of Justine are two wonderful english bands of the 60's,that i hope(before or after)they will be published on cd.

  2. Busy Bee is available on Love Poetry & Revolution.
    How Do I Feel Today, Do What You Must, It's Just That The People Can't See, Naked Song are on Psychedelic Jumble Volume One.
    Not sure where I first heard Black Jack, Snowman and Tanya but they have been around for a while.

  3. Here is a link to where the Tintern Abbey tracks more than likely originated. Unfortunately all the pre-2012 links on the site are now dead, but most of the Tintern Abbey stuff is still there. Luckily I discovered the site years ago and managed to grab some of the earlier posts like, The Factory and Wimple Winch acetates/demoes. Here's the link; http://horringercourt.blogspot.co.uk/.

  4. Digging it!
    Thanks for hooking us up!

  5. There is a CD doing the rounds called 'Fix Me Up With Your Sweet Dose' which includes all these tracks. I found it in October last year but can't recall just where, but it also includes acetates of the first two tracks as bonuses. It might still be around if you look.