17 Mar 2014

Walrus "Glam Returns" Review

Reviewed by Nathan Ford

Coming from the same nascent Nova Scotian psychedelic scene as our much loved friends Shadow Folk, this three piece outfit offer a sound that's more likely to appeal to a contemporary audience than the classic pop structures of our SF friends. Psychedelic pop with a cerebral core, Walrus strike a very fine balance between memorable choruses, and unusual time signatures and tempo changes, coming across at times like a more jangly Grizzly Bear.
Opener "Banger" shifts from uptempo banger to woozy halfspeed psychedelia that sounds like it's wading through molasses and back again with good natured confidence that belies the fact that it really shouldn't work (but does).
"Bulash" offers the E.P's best pure pop moments, but it's the introduction of heavy riffing, Crazy Horse style guitar bludgeoning on lengthy closer "It's No Myth To Me" that keeps me coming back for more - piercing shrieks of primal riffery that should be totally at odds with the quirky pop heart of this E.P but stands out even more impressively for its ballsy acceptance that it's OK to be different.

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