26 Mar 2014

Sudden Death of Stars "All Unrevealed Parts Of The Unknown"

Reviewed by Nathan Ford

French psychedelic folk-rockers Sudden Death of Stars follow up their impressive debut "Getting Up, Going Down" with this even better follow up for the impeccably tasteful Ample Play label.

Where the debut was enamoured with the twelve strings of 1967, they've expanded upon that sound here (without abandoning it), to encompass a more timeless indie jangle that evokes the feel good nature of classic Flying Nun. Particularly effective is Valentin Prézelin's organ work which brings to mind the pop-baroque splendour of early nineties Chills.

Heavenly pop hits are the order of the day here, and while the debut's splendid attention to detail roped in us fans of the classic era of garage psych, this more contemporary approach is just what the doctor ordered to rope in less clinical fans, and more of them. We've seen numerous times in the past that quality is no guarantee of success, but these guys are certainly in the right place at the right time, doing the right things to get noticed.

Available here on CD, and here on vinyl.

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