1 Jun 2014

Balduin "Post From Mars"

The Active Listener is thrilled to announce that we have a new release on our Active Listener Records imprint from the Swiss Alchemist of Music, Balduin.
Chances are good that you've heard quite a bit about Balduin as a result of his excellent 7" E.P "The Glamour Forest" which Sunstone Records released earlier on this year (they also have a new full length due from Balduin later on this year too!), but the truth is Balduin has been recording for much longer than this.
"Post From Mars" brings together the best material from his pre "Glamour Forest" recordings, including plenty of the U.K psych influenced baroque pop that made "The Glamour Forest" so magical, but with detours into other more proggy, krauty and electronic realms as well.
Opener "Everything" is the song that made us fall in love with the Balduin sound in the first place, and the eleven accompanying tracks here are just as strong.
Thanks for reading, now get your listening apparatus ready and stream or download right here:

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