16 Mar 2014

Moon Wiring Club "A Fondness For Fancy Hats" Review

Reviewed by Nathan Ford

Ian Hodgson's Confusing English Electronic Music essentially presents a "what if?" scenario that runs along the lines of "what if DJ Shadow, or perhaps Madlib had been born in a small, spooky English village and only had a Playstation to make music with?"
A stack of albums later and you'd perhaps be expecting the novelty of this approach to be fraying around the edges a little, but Hodgson's well is showing no signs of running dry at this point, and this is perhaps his most beat-laden and fun release yet. 
There's a little less of the treated vocal sample approach that he's employed in the past, and an old fashioned Commonwealth state of mind is still best employed to gain the most from his music, but the beats on tracks like "Climbing Through a Postcard" are infectious enough to ensnare even the most unwilling visitor to this particular village, where the music won't stop when you walk into the inn, and they most assuredly do like your type around here. But don't let that trick you into thinking that there's nothing sinister going on in the shadows.
Ghost Box appreciators who wish that their offerings were a little more beaty should love this.

Available here.


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