27 Dec 2011

NYC Taper

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

I'd like to draw your attention to a fantastic music blog that I stumbled across the other day.

NYC Taper is a collective of four tapers who between them seem to go to more live shows in a week than I manage in a year, and their site provides excellent quality recordings of these shows in MP3 and FLAC formats for download.

They make a point of only taping shows by artists who have an existing pro-taping policy or have expressly given permission themselves for the recording to take place, and it's all free ( although you can make a donation if you wish to this noble cause )

The tapers have an agreement with some of the venues which allows them to record directly from the soundboard so there's some pretty flash sounding stuff here - not a muffled dictaphone in sight.

They also provide a full rundown on the recording equipment used for each show, and a full setlist so you can see what you're getting.

Their collective taste is very good - mostly indie / hipster guitar based music.

So far I've checked out shows by Blitzen Trapper and Felice Brothers - both immaculately recorded, and excellent performances to boot.

There's a massive back catalogue of stuff to work through which will keep me busy for months.

They've just put together their essential 25 live moments of the year for download here :

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