19 Aug 2014

Sunstone Records / Simon Norfolk Guest Mix

We've got a guest mix today from Simon Norfolk - noted Shindig! scribe and one of the gentlemen behind the fabulous Sunstone Records label. 

"It is with great pleasure that I present this selection of tracks for the Active Listener. As with most things I do these days it's late and been on my 'to do' list for too long ...I tried to do a series of tracks that would have an almost 'all back to mine' feel - a post night out listen or the kind of thing I would put onto my iPod for some deep listening. Of course if I were to do this again now the entire thing would be totally different. For now enjoy the tunes - Opal , Michael Head and Shack and the Clientele have been constants since I first chanced upon them many years ago, the Gabor Szabo was rescued from a Barcelona flea market, Grand Union has yet to be committed to vinyl which is a travesty. I dedicate this mix to my pals at Sunstone Records and the people we have had / are having the great pleasure of working with, and to Paul Hillery whose Folk Funk and Trippy Troubadours mixes are a constant source of inspiration, and to anyone who has supported our label which means the world to us - thank you!"

Chuck and Mary Perrin – Commencement 
Dando Shaft – Rain 
Gabor Szabo -Galatea’s Guitar 
Grand Union – Morning Brings the Light 
Davy Graham – Fakir 
Caetano Veloso – Shoot Me Dead 
Neil MacArthur – Hung Upside Down 
The Clientele – No Dreams Last Night 
Snowgoose – Shifting Sands 
Shack – Daniella 
Opal – Harriet Brown 
Trees Community – Raga [excerpt] 
Vanilla Fudge – Where is My Mind 
Terje Rypdal – Dead Man’s Tale 
Rotary Connection – Tales of Brave Ulysses 
Them – Walking in the Queen’s Garden 
The Soundcarriers – The Outsider 
Slapp Happy – Blue Flower 
Alexis Korner -Saturday Sun 
Vashti Bunyan – Hebridean Sun 
Trees Community – Raga [to fade]

Stream it here:


  1. I love this place. I have discovered so many wonderful pieces here, please keep up the great work!