12 Aug 2014

Scorpio 70 'Scorpio 70"

Reviewed by Nathan Ford

Israeli trio Scorpio 70 recorded this accomplished album over the course of a single day earlier on this year. Their press release makes it clear that their intent here was to conjure the fuzzy VHS vibes of seventies / eighties sci fi and horror films, but instead of replicating the sorts of sounds you'd expect from this brief they tread their own path in an equally evocative but much fresher fashion - backwards looking, but forward thinking.

Utilising a fine selection of analogue synthesizers and a confident, flexible rhythm section Scorpio 70 enrapture straight away with lengthy opener "Planet Jin-X" casting a hypnotic, pulsating spell with some lovely sequencing which will make fans of early eighties Tangerine Dream feel right at home.

Rather than stick to this easy to manipulate formula, these three allow their restless spirit free rein to wander where it pleases. Also refreshing is how prominent the rhythm section is in these recordings. Rather than simply play support role to Yair Etziony's keys, Guy Bibi's drums are pushed up in the mix and given the opportunity to take charge while Morphlexis' sneaky giallo bassline on "Midnight Prowler" provides one of the album's most memorable and melodic moments.

Well worth investigating.

Limited edition CD or digital download available below:

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