9 Aug 2014

7" Singles - The Triptides / The Out Key Hole / Fogbound

Reviewed by Nathan Ford

Three particularly vintage sounding 7's up for review today, and they're pretty exciting titles.

Triptides "Clementine" b/w "Holding On"
These chaps seem to have something worthwhile to release on an almost monthly basis at the moment, and this 7" single on French label Croque Macadam Records shows no sign of the quality control dropping at all.
"Clementine" is an instantly memorable piece of guitar pop that could have been released at any point over the last 45 years and been a hit while "Holding On" is a much more subdued and intimate piece which sounds like Roger McGuinn trading in the Dylan songbook for that of Blake, McGinley & Love (Teenage Fanclub), which I have absolutely no problem with. 
Top stuff.
7" vinyl available here. Digital version available through the Bandcamp link below:

The Out Key Hole "Been To Mars" b/w "Madman on the Loose"
One of the best of the many, many neo-psych bands operating in Italy, the Out Key Hole have hit it out of the park with their second single. "Been to Mars" is a Vox fueled piece of psychedelic garage punk with great Manzarekian organ work, great punky refrains, and a fabulous early Floyd style freakout. "Madman on the Loose" continues to evoke the early Floyd chaos with a more focused, frantic tempo and a truly unhinged Barretesque guitar solo. Oh yes, I enjoyed that.
7" with free download available here.

Fogbound "Kicking Eucalyptus Seeds" b/w "Purple Wax"
O.K so I'm a little premature with this, but I pissed around a bit last time and didn't get around to reviewing this marvelous new Freakbeat outfit's debut single until the vinyl had sold out, so I thought I'd get in early this time so that you're prepared for the inevitable sell out.
Single number two is more of the same fabulous neo-psychedelia - two sides of instantly memorable freakbeat that easily matches the quality and invention of any of the big names (or big prices) of the years (1966-1968) that it seems to have been plucked from. "Purple Wax" is all propulsive and trippy, while "Kicking Eucalyptus Seeds" is achingly melancholic. Keep an eye on Fogbound's Facebook page for pre-order details as they are announced. This is essential and they're only going to get more popular as more people hear them.

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