24 Aug 2015

Download Pepperisms Vol. Three Custom Mix

Back in 2011, I put together "Pepperisms Vol. Two", an unofficial followup to a now-hard-to-find compilation of Beatlesque tunes from the sixties and seventies.

I've been meaning to do another one for years, and finally got around to looking into it a month or so ago. I didn't do it alone this time though. I enlisted the help of the Junipers' Peter Gough (who has his own excellent music blog here). Peter's encyclopedic knowledge and enthusiasm were invaluable, and he suggested and provided around half of the tracks featured here - thanks Peter!

As with the previous volume, it's sequenced to reflect a chronological journey through the eras of the Beatles music that each song is inspired by. Many of the tracks come from lossy sources due to their rarity, so don't expect everything to be crystal clear.

Are you ready for 23 of the most Beatlesque tracks from the sixties and seventies?

Download here. 

For those who still like little shiny discs, this should fit comfortably on a 74 min CD-R.

Put Your Mind at Ease - Every Mother's Son
Three Arms To Hold You - Apostrophe
Secondary Man - Rogues
Hell Will Take Care Of Her - Brass Buttons
The Sailing Ship - The Cryan Shames
What Do You Do - The Bonzo Dog Band
Whisper Who Dares - John Winfields
Just Because I've Fallen Down - The Buckinghams
To The Woods - The Barron Knights
Strawberry Jam Man - Jamme
Master Will - Velvet Glove
Yes It Is - Rockin' Horse
Rocking Circus - Space AKA The Tremeloes
If You Really Need Me - The Hudson Brothers
A Fool - Godiego
Bluebird Is Dead - Electric Light Orchestra
Save A Red Face - Stackridge
Lonely Norman - Jimmy Campbell
I Surrender - Sleepy Hollow
Paul McCartney - Tony Hazzard
Nice and Easy - Tranquility
See The Light - The Flame
Sub-Rosa Subway - Klaatu

Disclaimer - If you like what you hear, please buy the artist's work. The tracks featured here are intended to introduce the artists to a new paying audience. If you are the copyright holder for anything featured here and object to its inclusion, please get in touch and it will be removed immediately.

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