13 Jul 2016

The Active Listener Sampler #42

This sampler has been a little longer coming than most as I've had all sorts of other things going on outside of the Active Listener keeping me busy, but the wait has been well worth it.

This time we have a really fascinating assortment of tracks from recently reviewed material, upcoming releases and a few wildcards by complete unknowns which have completely blown me away (check out that Todd Sinclair track!).

Joseph Sampson has provided us with the lovely sleeve art for this release - his first for us, but hopefully not his last! You can see more of his work here:

As always, donations are appreciated and help us cover our costs and keep us doing what we do for you. Free downloads are of course welcome as well.

Here's the full tracklist, with download and streaming link below. Enjoy!

1. Moonsicles - The Frozen Pond 03:25 2. Todd Sinclair - African Time 04:01 3. Junkboy - Fulfill 02:53 4. Drakkar Nowhere - Higher Now 05:29 5. Prana Crafter - Luminous Clouds 05:19 6. Will Z. - A New Mirrored You 04:13 7. The Love Explosion - Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful 04:07 8. Sir Robin & The Longbowmen - I Would Like 05:08 9. The Myrrors - Liberty Is In the Street 04:44 10. Michael Warren & Grey Malkin - Jugband Blues 04:02 11. The Tara Experiment - Twilight 02:07 12. Elkhorn - Seed 05:55 13. Frantic Chant - Spellbound 03:32 14. Gilligan Smiles - Hopeffully 03:39 15. Heaters - Centennial 04:11 16. James McKeown - Drawn Inward II 09:38

1 comment:

  1. The 'Jugband Blues' cover by Michael Warren & Grey Malkin is superb. Great sampler as usual!