26 Dec 2012

The Active Listener's Top Ten Albums of 2012

I've managed to whittle my top forty albums of the year list down to a
top ten - not an easy task. Here then is the countdown of the top ten
albums of the year according to these ears.

10. Opossom - "Electric Hawaii"

9. Stealing Sheep - "Into The Diamond Sun"

8. Mmoss - "Only Children"

7. The Sufis

6. Beaulieu Porch

5. Sky Picnic - "Paint Me a Dream"

4. Tame Impala - "Lonerism"

3. Dr John - "Locked Down"

2. James McKeown - "English Dream"

1. Kontiki Suite - "On Sunset Lake"

Numbers 1 and 2 in particular are fabulous small label releases that
are easily the match of anything released on a major this year and
deserve to sell by the tens of thousands - do yourself a favour and
seek them out immediately.

I've also asked a few of my favorite bands and labels for their top
tens - that and a reader's top ten will follow in the next few days.
Keep your eyes on the skies

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