1 Jan 2012

New Year Mix Tape

Hoping everyone had a Happy New Year. Here's a downloadable mix for you all to help celebrate.

Copyright holders : These songs are intended as samples for discovery purposes - if you object to their presence here please get in touch and the offending material will be removed.

1. My Patch    4:05    Jim Noir   
2. The Owl Service    4:13    Pram   
3. Ffunny Ffriends    4:17    Unknown Mortal Orchestra   
4. Fire Fights    2:27    So So Modern   
5. We're Not Robots    4:32    Scott 4   
6. Sundown Syndrome    5:50    Tame Impala   
7. Caught by the Sun    3:37    The Soundcarriers   
8. Destroyer Of The Void    6:17    Blitzen Trapper   
9. Can We Come In?    6:22    Jakob   
10. Doledrum [Live @ the BBC]    2:59    The La's   
11. Strangers    3:22    Golden Smog   
12. Tried So Hard    2:21    Yo La Tengo   
13. The Nightbird    4:22    Tyler Ramsey  
14. The Donor    9:12    Judee Sill   


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