6 May 2012

Jacco Gardner - Clear The Air 7"

Reviewed By The Active Listener (9/10)

Jacco Gardner was a new name to me when I stumbled upon this single.
From Holland, his band The Skywalkers already have an album out which I will be checking out immediately, and he's done production work for the delightful Miri May.
For his debut solo single, Jacco has produced a wonderful pair of psych pop anthems which sound like they belong on a late sixties Deram single.
Produced by Gardner who plays everything but drums, there are traces of mod, but it's mainly the whimsical sounds of the late sixties U.K psych scene that are evoked here. It may have been recorded and released this year, but it doesn't sound a day over 1967.
Like a number of singles from the era, the a-side is the more immediate and hooky of the two, with the b-side A House On The Moon proving to have more depth, and with it's melancholy and pleasingly wry lyrics is the pick of the two for me.
If The Skywalker's album is half as good as this you can expect to read a glowing review of it here very soon. In the meantime visit here and part with a very small amount of money for two songs which I can guarantee will put a smile on your face.

Watch the video for Clear The Air here:

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