24 Apr 2014

Free Download Roundup

Here's a bunch of free stuff from various places online (supplied by the artists themselves, nothing pirated) that I won't have a chance to review but all of which are well worth looking into.

First up, one of our favourite U.K acid folkies Sproatly Smith has curated a Greatest Hits of his work up to now, none of which are actually hits of course, but all of which are worthy. You can download it for free (or a name your own price basis) from his Bandcamp page here, where you can also buy digital versions of his other albums - The Minstrel's Grave is particularly good.
You can also pick up limited edition runs of most of his CDs through Reverb Worship.

Next up is the latest album by Schizo Fun Addict, "The Sun Yard". We featured a track from this on our 18th sampler, but you need to hear the whole shebang and they're giving it away for free on their Soundcloud page here (you'll need to download track by track). If you need further prompting, they're the folks responsible for that amazing "Suspiria" cover on Fruits de Mer that I reviewed a month or so back. Top Stuff.

You want more? OK how about this odds and sods collection from the U.K's premiere spacerock kings The Earthling Society. "Brotherhood Of The Cod - 13 tales from a Fylde Coast Fish Cult" rounds up a whole bunch of hard to find and out of print rarities, including lots of tracks from their various Fruits de Mer appearances, which means you get their fabulous version of Fleetwood Mac's "The Green Manalishi (With The Two Prong Crown)". Again, a name your price download from Bandcamp with the option of downloading for free.

You all know by now that I love the Death Waltz Recording Company label I assume? Their soundcloud page is full of lots of lovely streamables (including some of their RSD releases for those of us who missed them.) Hidden among these gems are two exclusive downloadable tracks by Umberto in which he pays open tribute to John Carpenter by covering his "Chariots of Pumpkins" & "Christine". Click on the song titles to be transported to the download links.

And lastly for a bit of self promotion, I'd like to remind you that the latest Active Listener Sampler was released a few days ago. As usual, it's a name your price / free Bandcamp download, featuring the best tracks from albums and e.ps we've reviewed over the last month as well as premieres from a few other artists in a psych / prog vein that we hope you'll enjoy. Download or stream through the link below:

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