6 Apr 2014

Hurricane Heart Attacks "Happiness Revisited"

Reviewed by Timothy Ferguson

From their name alone, you might guess that Hurricane Heart Attacks would sound like modern psych giants the Warlocks. Although I know HHA leader Jota Humada is a huge fan of the LA based Warlocks, admiration seems to be where he draws the line.

Happiness Revisited is the second Hurricane Heart Attacks release, following the sterling debut "Hurricane Love" (2011). Where the Warlocks offer a darker worldview, where grey skies prevail and hope dies a lonely death every Saturday night, Hurricane Heart Attacks feel more and more like spiritual salvation.

Indeed, the opening track from "Happiness Revisited", "Reverend C. L. Franklin’s Prayer Hymn" wastes no time in drawing that distinction. Every time I listen to this CD, I feel like I’m waking up in church after another debauched night. There is a sincerity and steadfastness in this opening that has a palliative effect, cleansing away the cynicism of the night before. Here you are safe. Here you are loved. Here you are good again.

When title track "Happiness Revisited" hits you, with it’s beautiful chiming guitars, church organ, big bass guitar and thundering drums, it’s what I imagine the house band in heaven is going to sound like. This is sincere. This is real.

Putting Hurricane Heart Attacks in a box is a difficult task. Is this neo-psychedelia? Maybe. There’s a definite 60s vibe at work here, but drawing comparisons seems a difficult task, made silly by tossing around the typical reference points. Their music seems more influenced by folk psych, and takes a more natural approach. Hurricane Heart Attacks don’t need to fool your mind with a ton of effects or studio tricks. They come at you with an honest sound that is spiritual and pure – like a mantra. Part Stevenson Ranch Davidians, part Dolly Rocker Movement, but in reality, a very unique and wonderful sound all their own.

Whenever the excesses of modern psychedelia (or modern life, for that matter) get you down, give yourself over to Buenos Aires’ beloved sonic export Hurricane Heart Attacks. They will set you right.

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