23 Apr 2014

New Giallo Vinyl From Finders Keepers

Amazing vinyl archaeologists Finders Keepers have three lovely looking Bruno Nicolai Giallo reissues just about to hit the shelves.

First up is a full soundtrack reissue of one of Nicolai's best works, "All The Colours Of The Dark" ("Tutti i colori del buio"). This is pretty essential in my book and knowing Finders Keepers track record for such things, will be sold out before you can blink.
Tracklisting: 1. Sabba 2. Magico Incontro 3. Propiziazione 4. Evocazione 5. Magico Incontro 6. Bambole 7. Insidia 8. Oppressione 9. Insidia 10. Espiazione 11. Medium 12. Sabba
Order here.
Also due is a 7" 4 track e.p of  "Your Vice Is A Locked Room And Only I Have The Key" with a creepy new sleeve (pictured) and at a bargain price. Again, expect the sold out sign to appear very quickly.
Order here.

Last up in this Nicolai fest, and a little more elusive at this point is a 10" reissue of "The Case Of The Bloody Iris". Not currently pre-orderable, the Finders Keepers website lists it as 'available soon'. Keep an eye on it here.

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