6 Apr 2014

Jeffertitti's Nile "The Electric Hour"

Reviewed by Nathan Ford

Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records continue with their uncanny knack for hoarding artists that tick both the "bad-ass rock n roll" and "psychedelic" boxes, and all without resorting to the overdone reverb mode that seems to be the preset for combining these two styles.

Jeffertitti's Nile are new to the label and "The Electric Hour" is their most confident statement of purpose so far.

Psychedelic bands covering blues material is nothing new, but Jeffertitti's Nile have bypassed the problem faced by so many who have tried (basic problem - white boys sounding like they have pretty much no soul to speak of) by turning Bessie Smith's "Blue Spirit Blues" into a furious piece of psychedelic surf-punk. Quite an opener, and the band's originals are more than a match for it.

The best tracks on here seamlessly combine hairy seventies guitar riffery with spacious celestial rock; "The Day The Sky Fell" combines easy going choogle with delicately balanced, gently swelling guitars in a slow burning approximation of an Icelandic, post-rock Canned Heat, while best of all is "No One" which rides a big, sweaty guitar riff until the choruses explode into a trippy breakdown of treated vocal "ahs" that sound like a star exploding in slow motion.


Available late April from Beyond Beyond is Beyond. Stream "Blue Spirit Blues" or pre-order below:

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