14 Dec 2012

The Active Listener's Christmas Album

As if Christmas isn't already a hectic and stressful enough time of the year already (oh, and heaps of fun too, natch!) I thought I'd add to the general confusion by putting together this Christmas collection for you all.
You can finally rest up that Boney M Christmas Album safe in the knowledge that you've got a suitable substitute right here!
As you've come to expect from the Active Listener, there's a mixture of psychedelia and acid folk, sometimes on the same track. Featured artists are The Smoking Trees, Maston, The NoMen, Kontiki Suite, Balduin, Matricarians, Permanent Clear Light, The Kitchen Cynics, The Hare & The Moon, Corncrow, Telling The Bees and Trees In The Lake.
A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this, and a special thanks to those who took the time to record a track especially - your support is very much appreciated, as it has been throughout the year.
Thanks to Jim Peters for putting together a cover which suitably conveys all of the emotions that one feels at this time of the year too!

I hope you all have a great Christmas, and hopefully the combined talents of all these great artists will contribute in some small way to your Christmas cheer.

Now where's the egg nog at?

Download or stream below:

And if your appetite for seasonal tunes is still not satisfied why not check out the following :

Beaulieu Porch - Simon Christmas

Corncrow - Christmas Dinner For Horses

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