30 Sept 2015

The Active Listener Sampler 36

Another month goes by, so here's another sampler for you. I think that this is one of our strongest yet - a reflection on how much great music has been released recently which we've been lucky enough to discover.

Thanks to Andrew McGranahan for the superb cover art - check out more of his amazing collages here: https://instagram.com/andrew_mcgranahan/ we'll try and feature more of his work on future samplers.

Download the sampler here. It's a free / name your own price download, which you are welcome to download for nothing. Any donations that you can make are extremely welcome, and help to cover the running costs of the Active Listener website / Bandcamp hosting etc.

This month we feature the following tracks - all from releases reviewed over the last month (except for the Blue Giant Zeta Puppies, which will run very soon...)

The Diamond Center - Messenger of Wonder 04:14
Dr Cosmo's Tape Lab - High Inside (The Lost Frontier) 04:32
Paul Roland - Born In The 60s 03:59
Barry Uhl - Song Of Songs 03:09
The Wheelers of Oz - Revivalised 03:24
The Wrong Society - Without You 02:18
The Savage Blush - Thunderheads 02:44
Paul Messis - The Blind Leading The Blind 02:14
The Tomorrowmen - Hemispherical Synchronization 03:33
Salad Boys - Dream Date 02:40
Drug Cabin - Space Program 02:50
The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies - Semyorka Side 1 06:49
Me & My Kites - Common Life 10:30
Trappist Afterland Band - Black Dog Coast 05:58
Erasers - By Your Side 06:38
Cosmic Analog Ensemble - The Concept and the Purpose 02:55
Midwich Youth Club - Lets Go Home 03:46

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