18 Apr 2012

Active Listener Radio #1

I've been toying with the idea of an Active Listener streaming radio show for a while, and here's the first fruits of it.
Country Joe & The Fish
No commercials.
No talking over the music.
No swanky crossfades.
Just seventy minutes of Active Listener endorsed music available for you to stream at your convenience, whenever, and as often as you like.
Please let me know if you enjoy it - I'll put together an episode regularly if people want it.

Stream It Here :

This first show features music by:
Midlake, Blackburn & Snow, Real Estate, First Aid Kit, Fleetwood Mac, Conspiracy of Owls, The Phoenix Foundation, The Pillbugs, Country Joe & The Fish, Tyler RamseyJohn Prine, The Jayhawks, Other Lives,  Cassette, Blitzen Trapper, The Hare And The Moon & Airbag
Click on the artists name to view the album that the track originates from.

Support the artists and buy their albums if you hear anything you like. Thanks.

Contact me at nford150@gmail.com if you want to submit anything to appear on the show.

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