21 Apr 2012

Field Music Covers Album On The Way

Excellent UK band Field Music, who are no strangers to imaginative cover versions, have announced that they'll be releasing a covers album. They've contributed clever rearrangements to several of Mojo's cover CDs - and have invariably been the highlight of each disc they've appeared on. You can hear their version of the Beatles Don't Pass Me By below from one of these. More recently they've covered the Pet Shop Boys Heart and Rent for a Record Store Day single. The tracklisting is forthcoming, but will apparently include a mixture of previously released and new covers. David Brewis explains in a press release: "Over the years we've been handed excuses to try all sorts of covers. Sometimes we've been quite faithful and other times we've completely deconstructed them. Even though I don't think it's something which comes naturally to us, we always seem to find some element which can turn a song into Field Music."

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