28 Apr 2012

Active Listener Radio's Wicker-Folk Special

Today I've got a treat for all of you moody folkers - the first Active Listener Radio Special, focusing on dark pagan folk - the creepier, the better.
The show features The Rowan Amber Mill, Martyn Bates, The Horses Of The Gods, Candidate, Tunng, Quickthorn, The Hare & The Moon, Wyrdstone, Mary Jane, The Owl Service, Sproatly Smith, Mr. Fox, Damh The Bard, The Straw Bear Band, Comus and Magnet.

The majority of artists featured on here are active today and all are well worth investigating - most have Facebook and Myspace pages, so please check them out and support them by buying their music.

Special thanks to the Hare & The Moon for supplying me with " The Cruel Mother" which will hopefully appear on the next H&TM release.

Stream The Show Here:

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