17 Sept 2014

Hypeworthy Upcoming Releases: Dunedin Underground Pop Compilation, Maston, Children of Leir

T E M P O R A R Y - Selections from Dunedin's Pop Underground 2011 - 2014 is the name of a new Vinyl / CD / digital collection from Dunedin's Fishrider Records, featuring lauded artists like Trick Mammoth, Opposite Sex, Males, The Prophet Hens & The Shifting Sands. It goes a long way to proving that Flying Nun isn't the beginning and the end of the Dunedin music scene (although Flying Nun fans will find much to enjoy amidst the jangle here),and that the scene is still incredibly vibrant.

It can be had here right now (shipping from New Zealand), or U.K / European peeps will be able to pick it up a little more cheaply through Amazon from September 22.

Stroll On Records (home of the excellent Triptides) have had a dig around in our favourite psychedelic pop maverick Maston's cupboards for their next release, "The Opal Collection". Frank Maston's Trouble in Mind album debut was made up partially of new tracks and partially from material from two excellent and now out of print E.Ps. "The Opal Collection" fills in the gaps with the rest of the material from those E.Ps as well as previously unreleased songs recorded around the same time. If you've got the Trouble in Mind release "Shadows", you need this - it's equally essential.

It's due on October 13th and can be pre-ordered here on vinyl. The digital version is available right now and can be found here. Oh, and Maston is currently working on new material in the Netherlands in Jacco Gardner's studio. Yay!

Some of you may recall us making a big deal about Children of Leir last year.  They have a new double a sided 7" due out October 27. "Black Annis ​/​ Children of Leir" promises to be pretty bad ass with the video for "Black Annis" (streamable below), showing that they haven't lost their knack for a propulsive Krautwork meets Velvets workout.

...The Dane Hills area of Leicester was said to be haunted by a hideous blue skinned, hag-like creature known as Black Annis, possibly a relict of some local pagan deity. Although partial to all human flesh she took particular delight in eating young children, whom she would flay alive. She would then hang their skins like some grisly trophy upon the walls of a cave known as 'Black Annis' Bower'. She is said to have created the cave with her bare hands, tearing through the rock with her iron claws..

The 7" can be pre-ordered here, and there's a new album due next year.

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