25 Sept 2014

New Active Listener Records Release Available Now - The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies (Free Album Download)

Everyone's favourite psychedelic surfers The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies (who will be familiar to Fruits de Mer Records fans), have unleashed their full length debut "12 Theories of Time Travel" on Active Listener Records.

 "......Ethereal and interstellar, 40 Million Miles To Earth is filled with the wonder and awe of deep space intoxica........" Justin Hayes, CD Notes, Surfrockmusic.com

Taking their DIY recording philosophy from Joe Meek and musical influences from the likes of Roky Erickson, The Flaming Lips and The Moontrekkers, the 'Puppies were planned as a band with members depending on whoever "...happened to be passing..." peddling their chaotic brand of Psychedelia tinged, Echo smothered, Alt-Surf-Rock since 2010.

Get it here:

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